Solid state disk for embedded application

OData support
Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In embedded systems logging may be the key tool of monitoring or debugging

of operation as they are running round the clock and without continuous supervision.

Only logged data offer us the possibility of controlling the operation of the system or

identifying the cause of a failure. I have participated in the development of a generally

usable logging module.

In the second chapter I have reviewed the two main technology used during the

development: the FAT file system and the Multimedia Flash Card (MMC card). I have

described the initial state of the system, the logging module and the embedded system.

In the third chapter I have planned the development steps. I have developed a

conception to the extension of the logging module functionality and planned the system


The fourth chapter describes the development steps of the logging module: the

design of the development environment, the details of the software expansion and the

arisen questions and solutions.

In the fifth chapter I have presented the development of the previously planned

system integration. I have described the development environment and the completed

software library, console program and web interface.

In the last chapter I have summarized the achievements and the possible ways of

further development.


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