Developing a railway guide application on Windows 8 platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Microsoft released in 2012 their new operating system called Windows 8. This system just redefined a lot of functions / features, compared to the previous versions, which are really important changes for both users and developers. It has a brand new, innovative UI (which can be familiar from Windows Phone 7) and now they are focusing on the user and the user experience, because they should be open to the consumer world. The new operating system works not just in PC enviromnent, it works on tablets and mobile devices, because it runs on AMR architecture as well, which can be a great opportunity for developers.

The thesis is about to compare two development approach (HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript vs. C# / XAML) through the development of a railway guide Windows Store application. The first chapter is about the operating systems new features for users and developers. After the system indroduction, comes the application planning and designing. The design process also contains the user-interface design, because it’s really important, this won’t be just technical description or comparison, at the end it should be an app with good UI design and value. Some function will be described with codes from both development approach.

At the end there will be the final application (ready to be uploaded to the store), of course the summary of the development experiences and the future development possibilites.


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