Development of serious games for mental state monitoring

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Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my thesis is the development of serious games for mental state monitoring, which could help with the detection and prevention of mental disorders. This game could be played on the comfort of the patients home, instead of a laboratory or boring medical test.

First I show a brief overview of related articles, I show what is dementia, and show a paper and a few computer based medical test which are used to detect dementia. Furthermore I mention the M3W project on our department, which have similar goals. I highlight the advantages of games played home instead of medical test. Then I discuss the proposed games and I choose one that I will implement.

In the implementation chapter I present the game which is based on an open-source game. I show how I modified and enhanced this foundation to accomplish my goals.

In the evaluation of test data chapter I suggest measurement procedures for analyzing results. I propose a test procedure using my own software and a test procedure using scores of other games as well.

In the results chapter I will examine the results of the volunteers involved in the thesis. I examine several aspects that may be suitable to track changes of mental state.

In the summary chapter I summarize what work have I done and what kind of experiences I gained. Finally I propose suggestions for improvements.


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