Detection of change in mental state using computer games

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Dr. Pataki Béla József
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

A person's mental wellness means their ability to resist mental diseases. Mental vitality is as important as the physical state of the person. With older age, the mental state tends to be worse. This tendency means a serious problem to modern societies. With the average lifespan getting longer and longer, the effect of mental diseases are getting more and more significant.

There are many approaches to help sooner diagnose these problems. Our M3W project is one of these approaches. Our main objective is to develop a mental wellness toolset for the elderly, that helps keeping their mental fitness, while it measures their performance over time. Currently this toolset consists of 9 computer games. With these measurements we try to detect changes in the players' mental health. In the past year I have developed two of our most popular games.

In chapter 1 I review regular methods of measuring one's mental wellness. Chapter 2 is a brief description of computer games in general, and then a more specific one where I present the games that we currently use in the M3W project. Chapter 3 demonstrates and compares two different measuring arrangements, that I have tried in the past year and one that we are currently using. This chapter also presents the pre-processing of the game's data. In Chapter 4 I present the special parameters, that my games log while the user is playing them and then in Chapter 5 I introduce the current results of previous measurements. In Chapter 6 I try some basic change detection methods on the collected data and compare their results. Chapter 7 is a summary of my future plans and the current state of the project.


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