Monitoring mental freshness on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the last decade, the demand for monitoring mental freshness, training our brains and keeping it fresh for elder people has been significally increased. This can be paired up with the still unbroken of information technologies. One of the fastest growing sectors in IT is the market of mobile phones: recently, lots of devices came out only with one full body touchscreen - these are generally called smartphones and tablets. In the Western countries of Europe these devices are already gaining some nice amount of popularity among elder people, and the numbers are just growing. The reason for the dynamic spread is that more and more software development companies are recognizing the new market what is being opened by elderly people, so new applications designed specially for them are falling down from the assembly line in sequences. The most popular software category is about mental freshness - games, quizess and so on.

The application and the related service implemented in this thesis is offering a complete solution for its users, so they can easily keep up their mental freshness, monitor their progression at different measured areas, and share their results with their friends on severeal social channels. Users can improve their mental freshness level with an Android application, while measurement and comparsion are assisted by a web-based graph generator. Of course, the latter can also be found in the mobile app, providing a complete, portable solution.

The Android application contains four mental challenges, each focusing on several areas of the brain. All these tests can be done on three different difficulty levels from easy to expert, so they provide a long lasting challenge for everyone. Players can compare their results with other players’ in their country and / or their difficulty level, or even with their own results from the past, and there are five predefined comparing aspect to make this easy. Meanwhile, users can view some summarizing reports of their profile as well.


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