Development of Data Acquisition Device Using TP1000 microcomputer

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Data acquisition is a key part of the manufacturing process control in the industry. The logged data enables us to optimize or monitor the process, and to avoid any malfunctions. In Hungary measurement loops with transmitters which use 4...20mA signals are still common.

Usage of touch panel Human Machine Interface devices are widespread in the industry. These make it possible for the operator to get information and to intervene near the process thanks to their user friendly interface. And this type of device is also useable in the data acquistition systems in which it makes possible to view and to analyze the logged datas, and to set certain parameters of the system.

The topic of the diploma project is the development of a data acquisition system with the use of a TP1000 micro computer. The main points are the measurement and it's timing as well as the development of an user interface. The goal is to make a data acquisition which can handle at least 30 inputs of 0/4...20mA signals with the usage of DATAREC modules.


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