Data Aquisition System for Sensors with Frequency Output

OData support
Dr. Horváth Péter
Department of Electron Devices

When I chose my thesis, my purpose was to improve my knowledge about FPGA.

I made such a configurable digital circuit model in VHDL, that is able to receive and construe a frequency output.

The VHDL design has a serial interface, and through this the user can control the digital circuit. The speed of serial port could be changed (it has 3 predefined bit rates), so it allows to examine the frequency output with small sample times. In addition the user can adjust the value of the sample time too.

To simply control the VHDL design, I also made a graphics application and it connects to the serial port of the digital circuit. The program plots in real time either the received datas or the actual meaning (represented values) of the received datas. Which case is plotted, depends on the settings. During the measurement the application does not only plot, but also saves the received datas into a file. As the program is able to plot the received datas (that are actually frequency values), it means that it is capable to achive characterisation measurements. To make a characterisation measurement I integrated a tool that makes this process more easily.

To test the VHDL design and the application working together, I implemented a temperature sensor on FPGA, that works by method of ring-oscillator. After I extended the VHDL design with this sensor’s module, I downloaded it on the FPGA and I made characterisation measurements with different oscillator sizes.


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