PC based Data Acquisition System

OData support
Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It is a frequently occurring problem that we need to watch the data of the examined system, and collect them. At this time the continuous human observation is not economical, or maybe is not possible. So it can be a solution to collect these data with a computer, and make the preprocessing without human interaction, and also store the results. In the market, we can find more equipments that can provide the previous needs. Several companies compete in this market, for example: National Instruments, Keithley, etc... These companies’ equipments are mostly provide the previous functions, but on the one hand they can't serve out the special needs and on the other hand these products’ price is high, so the possibility of the unique development arises. In my thesis the main goal was to design a USB-based data acquisition system.

In the solution of this problem the following important points should be kept in mind: modularity, isolation from the computer, and low power consumption. These factors have decisively influenced the choice of components, and the structure. Additional important factors were the tools, which are commonly used and currently on the market. And also that researches, which are focusing on data acquisition. I have utilized ideas from these products in the design phase.

After that, I have presented the designing steps of the system. Here I made a detailed description from the motherboard and the module card also. I defined the operation of various functional components and justify the choice of the components. Not only the schematic, but the real physical designs are also included in my thesis.

During the elaboration of my thesis I have gain useful experiences. Among others I have got acquainted with the difficulties of planning a general-purpose, scalable system. Besides that, it was big challenge for me to apply a brand new microcontroller.


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