Data acquisition module

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The aim of this thesis is to develop a multi-purpose data acquisition system that meets the requirements of electrical medical devices.

The solution includes all the main steps of designing a product: system designing, specification of the functional blocks, analyzing the potential solutions, performing the schematic and layout design for manufacturing, testing of manufactured board and implementing firmware of the device and PC software.

The designed system is based on a AD7606 AD converter, which is suitable for data acquisition systems. The resolution of the converter is 16 bits, the maximum input range of each analog channel is ±10 V, the circuit is capable of simultaneous sampling on all the eight analog input channels at 200 kHz sampling frequency. A PIC24FJ128GB108 microcontroller (product of Microchip) controls the AD converter and handles the device – PC communication.

The first part of the thesis presents the essentials knowledge of the task, and the requirements of the device. The second part describes the main steps of designing, from creating the block diagram to implementing the PC software.


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