Serial Modbus communication chanel for data logger system

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays environment protection issues attract more and more attention, because in the wake of international environment protection treaties (e.g.: Kyoto protocol), countries that have ratified the treaty, have to reduce their toxic gas emission. According to a directive of European Union, greenhouse gas emission should be reduced by 20% by 2020. Hungary is a member of the EU, so the Hungarian Parliament has ratified several laws in the field of environment protection. These laws declare that every factory and power plant has to meet many strict criteria in order to spare the environment.

There is a plan of a data acquisition and data logger system at Gamma Digital Ltd., which system will be used by power plants or incinerators to measure their gas emission. The main goal during the design was to implement an effective system, which can be adapted easily to every single assignment; however it should live up to the expectations of an environmental engineer. At the same time, the method of data acquisition, the used calculating methods and the logged reports must suit the laws of Hungary and the EU.

In my final thesis I implemented a communication protocol for this project in .NET environment. The communication line is a RS-232 line, and the communication protocol is Modbus RTU. The data acquisition software will be used to store data for a long time safe and to pre-process the signals which will be retrieved from data acquisition modules from the DCS system by Modbus RTU communication protocol.

In the thesis I introduce the principles of serial communication and the principles of Modbus too, because this kind of knowledge is indispensable to understand the working of my software.


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