Measurement Studies for Development of Traffic Emulator

OData support
Dr. Molnár Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays with the rapid spreading of the internet the constant developing of the

network devices (routers, switches etc.) became more and more important. In this

process a testing phase is necessary with a large variety of data, in order to prepare them

for the real traffic conditions generated by the users.

Since data for testing is not available (or difficult to acquire or ask for), a

solution must be found in which it is avoidable to use real user traffic and data, but still

realistic data sets can be generated, recorded and played back during the testing.

It is expected for network traffic data like this to be diverse, coming from

numerous network access types, with various speeds, devices and geographic location.

This way it is guaranteed, that the devices can be prepared for their later real functions

during the development.

To solve this task virtualization is a good solution: the completed traffic

emulator is easy to move and configure. So we can perform measurements fast and

simple, and record the traffic on large variety of places. The recorded data can be later

analyzed and used for the developing of devices.

During my thesis I have overviewed the background information that is

necessary for developing and configuring the traffic emulator. I have developed the

virtualized traffic emulator, made possible the fast and simple reconfiguration. I have

prepared it for running automatic measurements. I have composed, run and recorded

various measurements and their data according to general user behaviors. From these

data I have made a database that can be searched and handled effectively.


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