Processing of measurement results in continous integration environment

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Continuous integration is a software development practice with an increasing role throughout the developer community. The concept behind is the use of a continuous integration server providing means for running automated tests on a software product after every change on the source code, ensuring that developers get instant feedback on the quality of code and can start correcting potential faults and errors right after their emergence.

Software quality can be evaluated from several perspectives. One of these is the investigation of the implemented business logic or the effects on modules when one of them has been changed. In these scenarios we test whether if a certain input generates the right output or not.

Another perspective of key importance is measuring software performance. This means the monitoring of change of resource usage for processing a given calculation set. Through this we can filter out those problems that cause our software to lose performance or utilize increased amount of resources rather than malfunction.

This thesis is aiming at the investigation of the means of automated measurement processing by use of continuous integration technologies and the introduction of such a method into the development process. With the help of a developed technique, the application will be demonstrated on the model querying tool EMF-IncQuery by using the Petri net to State charts case study.


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