Development of a measurement arrangement for evaluation of electromagnetic disturbance emission of switched mode power supplies

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Czifra Dávid Szilárd
Department of Electron Devices

During the development of automotive electronic devices, the product should meet strict EMC regulations on disturbance filtering that specify the comprehensive EMC measurement of the device. These tests can be performed usually at a late stage of the development, this way the correction of the detected errors may take long time and can only be done by modifying the circuit part. In many cases the cause of the errors are related to the inadequate filtering of the high frequency periodic signals, specifically the signals of the switched mode power supplies. This observation makes the thorough EMC analysis and optimization of power supplies vital.

The purpose of this thesis is to give an overview of the EMC measurements and usual switched mode power supply topologies that are performed and used in the automotive industry, and to describe the development and implementation of a measurement arrangement which can be used to examine the conducted disturbance emission of the power supply module and check the efficiency of the disturbance filtering methods isolated from the rest of the circuit. Based on the measurement results further optimization can be made.


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