Development of Rigid-flex Printed Wiring Board Technology

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Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

During the writing of my thesis at Hitelap Zrt., I have examined the

manufacturing possibilities of flex-rigid printed circuit boards, examined the boundaries

of technology, and studied the deviations from the manufacturing of traditional multilayer


I traced bibliographical for the different kinds of widely used constructions and

their solutions in industry.

I designed the operational step sequence of a construction of a chosen type (simmetrical multiflex construction),

examined the technological boundaries, and steps which are not to be found in the

manufacturing sequence of a traditional multi-layer board.

I determined the materials, which are used in rigid-flex technology, but are not

used in simple rigid multi-layer boards.

I designed a printed circuit board, which can be used to demonstrate the defects

of production, like layer structure, feasible minimum thinnest track width, appropriate formation of through hole plating.

Finally I examined the board with electrical testing.


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