Test Board Development for Vapour Phase Soldering System

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Dr. Illés Balázs György
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays the most widely used soldering technology in the electronics industry is the reflow soldering. Experts have been dealing with this area for a long time, but there are still untapped areas or necessary improvements.

In the first part of my work I got acquainted with the various reflow soldering technologies. In my thesis I introduce the vapour phase soldering technology, present the operating principle with the physical base of the process and the structure of the machines which come up in the course of manufacturing. I will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the used technology comparing with the infrared and convection technology. As in the case of any type of soldering there have also been typical mistakes, but there are different ways to eliminate or reduce them. At the end of the theoretical summary I will delineate the reasons of these effects and the possible solutions.

After the research of literature my task was to design a test board for an experimental vapour phase device. Its operating principle is the same as of other vapour phase devices, but due to the reason of the different construction it has its own specialities. In the course of design I had to analyse the model and construct the eligible scheme therefore the test board would be suitable for the characterization of the device.

On the ready board -after mounting the components- I fixed up thermocouples to make the necessary measurements in the experimental soldering equipment. At the end of my degree work I evaluate the data and I try to map the occurrent defects of the device. By these developments of the machine it would be possible to achieve a higher quality soldering process.


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