Development of a Measurement System for the Dynamic Analysis of Balluff Displacement Sensors

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Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of my thesis is to design and implement a measurement system consisting hardware and software components which is capable of dynamic measurement of displacement sensors developed and manufactured by Balluff in the course of various developement processes. Measurements performed by the system enable the calibration and testing of said sensors.

More specifically the system was constructed for measuring the lineraty error of magnetostrictive displacement sensors with analog or SSI interface. The thesis reviews the relevant characteristics of sensors, factors that affect accuracy and linearity error, related measurement principles and the attributes and working principle of magnetostrictive displacement sensors. The system requirements are formulated according to these principles, characteristics and factors. These requirements dictate the structuring of the system, the selection of hardware compoments and the developement of software.

The hardware components are expected to realize a high-accuracy, high-resolution sampling with an appropriate timing regarding dynamic measurements. Further requirements are the software solution of data processing, data storage and to provide a user-friendly graphical user interface.

In the course of the thesis the structure and functioning of the system are specified. The system combines the selected NI-PXI and Newport hardware components with the software developed in LabVIEW development environment. The features and most important benefits of the hardware are presented. Furthermore the functionality and possibilities of the software are described. The thesis details the occuring problems and their solutions along with the options to further develop the system.

The implemented measurement system fulfills every point of the project declaration, meets the system requirements and has proved itself useful in the praxis in the course of developement.


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