Measurement Setup Development for Hydrodynamic and Thermal Characterization of Liquid Coolant-based Integrated Heat Sinks

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Dr. Takács Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

The subject of this thesis is a design of a measurement system, which is capable of the hydrodynamic and thermic characterization of an integrated cooling device. The demand for an effective coolingsystem grows as the dissipation density of electronic devices increasing. During the semester I got acquainted with the principles of microfluidics. I carried out a research on similar projects so that i can use their results and experiences. I made the plan of the holder operating as the measurement system in a three-dimension designing program. Its task is to stabilize a 15x15mm chip and to secure the leakproof flow of the fluid. With the help of the fluid resistence and the maximum allowable pressure drop int he cooling system and the pipesystem configured in the measurement structure i calculated the maximum allowable flow rate value.

I performed the hydrodynamic characterization with the help of mass-flow controllers. I characterized the flow rate in correlation with the adjusted pressure values. The results reflected the expected values, but the generation of a stacionary state proved difficult. In order to eliminate this problem i adjusted the composition and made suggestions for specifying this experiment.


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