Measurement system for the investigation of organ pipe transfer functions

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Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The transfer function of an organ pipe plays important role in tone and harmonic content of the evolving sound. The transfer function is generally measured by placing a sound source by the end of the pipe, and measuring the sound pressure response at the windway. The problem of the measurement of transfer functions is that the sound reaches the windway not only in the inside of the instrument, but also in a roundabout way, with bringing down the measurement’s signal-to-interference ratio. Ideally, the two sides of the pipe should be completely excluded from each other, but this is generally not possible during the measurement. Alternatively, one end of the pipe can be put in a box, but this changes the transfer function.

In this paper I develop and realize a measurement system which is able to measure the transfer function of a pipe whose one end is put in a box. Through the thesis, the main features of organ pipes, and also the principles and limits of the transfer function measurements of organ pipes are introduced. I investigate the effects of roundabout way sound to the transfer function, and implement a measuring system. I make a model of the pipe whose one end is put in a box in order to compensate the effects of the box on the measurements. Finally the measurements are performed, and the transfer functions of the organ pipes are determined.


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