Design and realization of a measurement system for the automated testing of temperature sensors

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

During my thesis, I am going to present the planning and the implementation of a measuring system, which is used for the automated testing of temperature sensors.

In the course of my thesis, I also demonstrate the analog and the digital temperature sensors’ implementation opportunities and operations.

In my opinion, it is really important to review the quality assurance principles and the structure of Audi and also the procedure of defective components.

After this, I will concentrate on the analog and the digital temperature sensors of Audi engines and I will present the typical sources of error and error possibilities.

Due to the fact that the testing of temperature sensors in the lab was accomplished manually, I started to plan a new measuring system.

In case of the planning process, the relative low cost implementation was an expectation and I had to take into consideration the measuring accuracy. I also concentrated on the development of the existing devices and the requirements towards the measuring system.

After this, I made a project plan and a system plan, which helped to accomplish the task.

In order to the data processing of the digital sensor, it is inevitable to describe the SENT protocol.

I am going to present the measuring device’s hardware parts and the controlling softwares attached to them. Then, I am going to present the process of PCB planning according to the circuit diagram.

The controlling software, written in LabVIEW, communicates with the developing panel and the NI-DAQ card. It processes, saves and represents the incoming data graphically and in real time. At the end of the measuring, considering the demand, the program automatically generates report file, which helps the work of the analyzer.


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