Insulin pump development and user interface implementation for controller design of artificial pancreas

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Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Diabetes is a worldwide spreaded disease, affecting many people. According to data of WHO diabetes with its consequences is the seventh most common cause of death around the world. Based on their data in 2012, there were 387 million people on our planet sick with diabetes and their number is rapidly increasing, estimates show the numbers will reach 500 million by 2025, wich would be the approximate 7% of population by that time. This horrifying value drives both researchers and civil society to treat and research this issue emphasized. Including the reasons behind the formation of diabetes, the action mechanism of the insulin-hormone, treatment and medical attendance of diabetes patients, the possibilities of reversing or curing the illness are those which mean highlighted issues.

The tool which is most comfortable for treatment and works the most similiar way to a healthy state is the insulinpump. This makes the patients diabetes comfortably managable with the least medical intervention.

During the first part of the paper, I explored the theoratical background, types and the possible treatment methods of diabetes. I introduced the insulinpumps avaliable on the market, their working principles and practical background.

Across two chapters, I explained the description of a user-interface which helps the design of a controller, such interface which one we would like to apply involving the artifical-pancreas topic in the future including the directly related the examination of the identification method’s issues. I also explained through two chapters the designing and production of an insulinpumps mechanical elements and hardware, which we would like to use for the examination of our self-developed controlling algorythms among real hardware enviroments.


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