Design of printed metamaterial monopole antennas

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The topic of my diploma thesis was the examination of the usability of different metastructures in printed monopole antennas. During the subject, I was tasked to get acquainted with the physical background of the metastructures, do research regarding the unit cells used in those structures, and design and measure a radio module containing an antenna with such unit cell.

The thesis, after a short introduction, deals with the theoretical background of the antennas, followed by the description of the conception and physical background of the metamaterials, with special regards to their material parameters and influence on wave propagation. Afterwards the constructions of the unit cells in different metamaterial-structures, and their usability in antennas are presented.

In the next section of my thesis I present the planning procedure of the radio module with the required antenna containing metastructure. This includes the simulations of different antenna structures, choosing the most appropriate type and eventually the design of the radio module itself. This is followed by the documentation of the conducted and radiated measurements of the antenna and the module, and its results.

The thesis closes with a conclusion, in which I shortly conclude the results of my work done during the diploma thesis.


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