Displaying meteorological data on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The Agrarin Ltd. has an expanding meteorological system. This system is made from measuring stations that have sensors, which sensors measure values relevant for the agro-industry. The firm wanted to make the data available for android platform. The company’s objective was that the users who can reach the service, be able to retrieve the data from the measuring system’s sensors to their Android devices at any time. For example if the weather- and agricultural data were known one could conclude which step should be taken in the cultivation of plants on the given area.

The user can choose from a list of the available stations whose data can be retrieved. There are 3 opportunities to retrieve the data. Data can be downloaded from the last 4 hours, from every hour on the current day, or, in the third option, it is possible to get results from a longer measuring period. In this way every day’s average results of a selected week or month can be downloaded. The query results can also be filtered by the types of sensors.

In the first part of the thesis the Android platform is introduced. After that the requirements of the application, and the details of the functionality are shown. Further on the description of the analysis model is detailed. After that comes the detailed description of the design decisions and the implementation. Finally the whole project and the experiences are summarized.


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