Investigation of meteorological effects on millimetre wave networks of 5G systems

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Dr. Bitó János
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Substantial growth of mobile data and rapidly increasing spread of smartphones nowadays present major challenge for mobile service providers. The allotted spectrum for the currently operating mobile communicating systems have been saturated in the last years by such considerable rate that the future’s fifth generation network would not be able to fulfill its requirements without applying new frequencies. In accordance with the concept of 5G, millimeter wave spectrum will also be used along with the current frequency bands (although it is worth to mention that the standardization of fifth generation networks has not been begun at the time of this thesis’s creation, that is expected by 2017). This spectrum however, introduces meteorological effects as a new and significant attenuation factor. In this paper mm-wave propagation affected by precipitation will be investigated and a simulation environment (written in Matlab) used for the 5G mm-wave networks statistical investigation will be presented.


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