Examination of Metro 4 Energy Dispatcher System

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The current thesis introduces in detail the Energy Dispatcher System installed for the new M4 metro line and the issues which come up during the installation.

In order to learn more about the system, the first part of the study reviews the devices which are connected to the supervisory system. Briefly talk about the 10kV feeding and the station disrtibution switching equipments, traction and auxiliary transformers. In addition, I shortly introduce the 0,8kV network and its equipments. In this context, the rectifier and the shock protection device. Furthermore, the auxiliary cell lines (both AC and DC) and the stray current monitoring system are also part of the network.

The operation of the power supply’s data traffic is described in detail, where I illustrate in depth the operation of the individual components and modules of the system. The presented control concept shows the hierarchical structure of the energy dispatcher system.

In the second half of the thesis, the detailed description of the operation of the energie dispatcher system is presented. In this part we can see, what is the exact task of the EDI and how the continuous line monitoring works. Beside of that, a specific part of the installation process and the questions raised during this, are also discussed here.

The top level of EDI can be found in BKV’s energy dispatcher center, which is implemented into a SCADA frame system. About this and the mentioned center, a short insight is given in the relevant chapter.

As it is visible in my thesis, a modern, 21st century industrial network is taking shape before us. The implemented elements are strongly reflecting that a progressive and advanced technology will be applied for the new M4 metro line.


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