Lightning protection of agricultural buildings

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The field of Hungary the agricultural activity is significant. So, the number of agriculture-related buildings is high. Buildings and production tools, (machinery, equipment, and also including farm animals kept agricultural farms) are an important value, so the lightning strike caused damage can be significant.

In my dissertation, I would like to show how can be possible to protect these buildings and goods from the lightning strike, using lightning protection potential.

In my dissertation I begin with presentation of MSZ 274 and MSZ 62305. Introduce their organization and planning methods.

In the second half of my dissertation I do a case study on typical buildings which occur in agricultural settlements. To do this, I use a pre-existing cattle farm owned by Enyingi Agrár Zrt. and choose some of these building, which are directly or indirectly related to animal keeping.

In the case studies I using the MSZ 274 and MSZ EN 62305 standards to analyze the buildings, and I propose the necessary security measures, using the values observed of the individual buildings, then I compare these values with the existing lightning protection measures.

At the end of my dissertation I compare the results obtained using the two standards, and point out the differences between of them.


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