Development of an agriculture portal with ASP.NET technology

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The significance of the World Wide Web has increased in today’s economy, as the internet has become more and more widespread over the past few decades. This economic advantage was not recognized equally among all industries. In the past few centuries the positive indicators for the Hungarian agricultural production were mainly possible due to the country’s advantageous geographical location. Agriculture has always been important in the Hungarian economy, although its significance has declined over the decades. A notable part of the agricultural trade deals is still made during personal meetings.

My main goal with this thesis is to provide a sustainable and reliable way of making agricultural trades online, with the help of an easily integrable Excel file handling service and a farming industry specific auction system.

In the first part of this thesis I go through the technologies that I used during the implementation process of this application, like the SignalR and Entity Framework libraries. The core of this project, the nopCommerce open-source e-commerce system is also presented here in details.

The second part of my essay contains the finished application’s architecture, the emerging complications and the decisions that I had made during the development process.

In the closing of this thesis I present some possible ways of the application’s further development, the experience that I gained during the implementation of this project, and the positive and negative aspects of working with the nopCommerce engine.


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