Load control operation in microgrids

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Some of the main objectives of the European Union are environmental protection and sustainable energy supply. Therefore, they try to increase the number of renewable energy resources with decrees and financial incentives. The integration of these generation units into the main grid is complicated, this issue is up to microgrids to solve. Microgrids are the vanguard of the future energy networks, which could increase the efficiency of the energy consumption and decrease the losses in the transmission network. Furthermore, they are a separate controllable unit from the network side view, that’s why they could enhance the system/network stability and reliability.

The main objective of smart appliances is also sustainable energy supply. The consumption of a household is highly controllable with smart devices without the reduction of customer comfort. With this opportunity, they create a perfect base for demand side management. In the future utility network, upholding the balance between energy production and consumption will be quite difficult, because of the increasing renewable energy sources. Therefore, the costumer has to participate in order to ensure secure network operation.

In my thesis, in addition to microgids, I shall also elucidate the methods used to guarantee energy balance, emphasizing the involvement of consumption as a means to control.


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