Performance monitoring of microservices

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of my thesis is to learn about how microservice base system works, find out the advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, highlight the already existing analytics framework named SensorHUB, which is developed by the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. First of all I examine some possibilities how to integrate a performance measurement component, then with the acquired information I implement the monitoring service. I make further tests to validate the success of the integration, then to ensure easy usage of the service I create documentation about the application endpoints. I examine other applications with the similar functionality to improve and fine-tuning my service. To be able to deal with the proper representation of the data and the continuous data saving I do some research to find the most appropriate way.

As the second part of my work I define measurement fields, in order to create some performance measurements. The previously mentioned measurement s help specify the system’s features/ characteristics. Before start testing, I create test plans and scenarios in order to make the whole process repeatable. For the suitable result I implement a data pipeline to get well defined and representative data.

At the end of my thesis I summarize my acquired experiences, and with the utilization of these I propose some further development requests.


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