Developing a group meal organizer with microservices architecture

OData support
Jánoky László Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Cloud-based computing has been the main driving-force in information technology for the past few years. A great deal of existing high-load systems is already moving to the cloud, while many of the new ones are being developed as cloud-native for the sake of easier and foreseeable resource-planning. This remarkable benefit is provided by the cloud native application’s ability to scale the underlying hardware in runtime. An application deployed in the cloud has no need for dedicated onsite hardware, so opposed to the traditional fix cost investment, the costs are rather subscription based.

The underlying possibilities provided by these systems affect the software’s whole lifecycle from planning to maintenance, thus new and effective techniques are mandatory. My thesis aims to introduce these new concepts with an application that has been built as cloud-native from the ground up.

This cloud-native application based on the Microservice architecture, is intended for dinner-planning between individuals. The reactive development and maintenance depend upon several key concepts in Continuous Delivery and infrastructure which are discussed later in this thesis along with the verification and performance testing.

This thesis aims to create a cloud-native, easily maintainable and extendable application, which has superb support for both horizontal and vertical scaling.


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