Application of Microsoft Robotics Studio

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


The aim of my thesis was to develope an autonom robots controlling algorithms and to write they software implementations, compliant with the expectations of the Hungarian Apllied Mechanical Studies Competiton.

First I reviewed the rules of the competition. Using these observations, I planned the robot’s expected behaviour during the race, and weighted up the usage possibilities after the competiton. Considering these plans I defined the hardware needs for the robot, and designed the main controlling algorithm.

After this, I reviewed the abilitys and barriers of the given harware, and defined the changes and expansions it needed. I briefly summarised the final build-up and harware configuration of the robot.

Then I acquainted the usage possibilitys of the Microsoft Robotics Studio software. Using it’s visual programming language I started to make the basic signal handler and controller algorithms.

Because the Robotics Studio is only compatible with a limited range of hardwares, I began to wrote the methods in Java language as well.

First I built the communication between the micocontroller and the Alix motherboard, then implemented the basic controlling algorithms. Then I built the communication between the Alix and a remote computer, and finally wrote the higher level contolling algorithms.


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