Application of Microsoft Robotics Studio

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The new development system of Microsoft, the Robotics Developer Studio was released in 2006. This software makes the development of the robotic applications easier because it gives the users a very smart and useful interface, whether they are professional or hobby developers. The purpose of the thesis is to design a robot equipped with a contact sensor that moves on a user defined path, while making bypass manoeuvres to avoid collision with an obstacle. I implemented the application both on a simulated robot in the Robotics Studio and on real robotic hardware. I chose Boe – Bot developed by Parallax as real hardware. In the first chapter of the thesis I present the main software components of the Robotics Studio, then in the second chapter I describe the parameters of the Boe – Bot. The third chapter is about the solution to the objective, and explanations about implementation.


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