Microsoft Windows 10 in Enterprise Environment

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The name of Microsoft Windows sounds familiar even to someone who is not interested in computers or information technology. During its 30-year history the operating system went through a lot of changes, its popularity varied during that time, but it still became a vital part of both the home and the office IT environment, in a lot of segments without any real rival.

In the summer of 2015, the Redmond company released the latest version of the software, Windows 10. The system has been renewed in many aspects, in functionality, in offered services and also in its maintenance and support.

The goal of my thesis is to provide an overview of the new operating system’s new functions and changes in its service in the aspect of enterprise environment usage. During that I will look into the new functions as well as the changes in the user interface and system usage, including the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), what it is and how it ensures the system’s usability on various devices, such as desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and smart televisions.

I will present Microsoft new upgrade policy, the Windows-as-a-Service and why Microsoft is not planning to release any new Windows after Windows 10. Microsoft offers various tools to supervise the updates in a corporate environment, I will dive into them as well.

Today the use of mobile devices becomes more and more popular, even inside an enterprise. This is the reason why I will mention Microsoft’s Mobile Device Management solutions and their usability on Windows 10.

Furthermore, I will describe the methods how to upgrade the two most popular previous versions of Windows to Windows 10, including the in-place and the mass upgrade using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

At the end of my thesis I will present how I set up a test environment to demonstrate the above described functions.


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