Implementing Application Mikrocenzus

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I write about Microcensus application what is made to display and fill the census questionnaires via internet. I demonstrate the including technologies and then the functions and behavior of the existing system. I talk about JavaSE (Java Standard Edition) and JavaEE (Java Enterprise Editiion) language, MVP (model-view-presenter) architecture, GWT (Google Web Toolkit) framework and questionnaires are made up from parts and how these parts connect to each other.

The questionnaire model of Microcensus was adjustable from code (in Java language) until now. My duty is to develop an application that can build the questionnaire model via graphical user interface and load them into the display engine of Microcensus. My thesis shows the brand new developed questionnaire template editor web based application’s functional requirements, business processes and basic methods. I talk about architectural and design planning, highlighting the editor’s screenflow with each screen’s content and operations by grouping them into screenclasses.

I also write about the logical architecture, specifying the layers of the application and the connections between them. The database planning details are explained as well. In the end we can see a working application that can be use to create, modify, copy, close, save and preview questionnaire templates.


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