Metallization techniques of microfluidic channel in LTCC

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Dr. Horváth Eszter Edit
Department of Electronics Technology

In recent decades, microfluidics technology, the manufacturing of electronics devices and also the low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology within this area underwent a rapid development. The researchers found a huge number of problems in each of these areas, and solving these problems a lot of useful and valuable products were found. Each of these inventions served the progression of the humanity. My thesis topic is related to these three research areas, and the achievements of these areas were all essential in order to complete my work with the microfluidic channels in low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC).

In the first part of my thesis I reviewed the literature of the listed areas, the topics related to my work. Most of these themes were related to the low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology, but the other areas were also essential in order to achieve the main purpose, which was a microfluidic cuvette.

During my work, I have designed and created an embedded three dimensional microfluidic structure using two kinds of ceramic substrates. I attempted to metallize the inner wall of this structure, to use and test it as a microfluidic cuvette.


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