Fabrication of microfluidic channels from negative photoresist

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Dr. Juhász László
Department of Electron Devices

The microfluidics is a specialty which deals with micro-and nano-scale fluid manipulation and plays an important role in the development of various engineering and biological means and furthermore which increases the mobility and cost-effectiveness. Setting technology in a special laboratory of the different applied materials - in my case, the SU-8 negative photoresist - is a complex process, defining the process parameters is the result of a long series of experiments. The aim of my work is to methodize the knowledge about the materials, the devices and the embodiments which are used in the microfluidics, and to define the technological parameters of the SU-8 2100 photoresist in the cleanroom which is operated by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Electronic Devices. I prepared the channels of a hydrodynamic focusing device with flow meter feedback - what I redrawn by a special program (CleWin) from the elaboration of the department - by using the specified technological process.


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