Development of a microfluidic disc based Point of Care method

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Dr. Sántha Hunor
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis i would like to develop the centrifugal microfluidics device, which was already created by Ádám Bodonyi and elaborate the necessary biochemical reaction. Using this disk, the concentration of blood chemistry paramethers (in this case albumin protein) can be measured by a photometric method. Separate reaction space is indispensable on the disk; so I planned the chambers accordingly (one for separation, another one for mixing the samples and a last one for the spectophotometric measurement). The aim of this spectrophotometric measurement is to determine the protein concentration in the examined sample from the absorbance or transmittance results.

I devided my research into two parts. The first part was to study, plan and test the biochemical reaction. The second one was to develop the stucture of this microfluidics device (continuing Bodonyi Ádám’s work).

In my research I gained knowledge about the currently available microfluidisc devices and their specifiactions.

At the first part of my work I examined the biochemical methods, which are suitable to measure albumin level of blood. After that I chose the appropriate one, which is based on a specific photometric measurement and also can be used on the disk. According to these requirements I chose protein detection with bromocresol-green idiator dye.

At the second part of my work I planned the structure of the 5 layers disc which was created by CorelDraw program. Based on this structure, I used CO2 laser to fabricate the PMMA sheet and planned the gluing technology of 2 cover films of the disk. The metering chamber and the transfer channel to reagent chamber are essential parts of the disk. The channel has to retain, then let through the necessary amount of liquid. During my work I attempted to create the channel by testing two methods.

I summarized the results and proposed developement opportunities based on the appropriate consequences.


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