Application of microphone arrays in building and room acoustical measurements

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Nagy Attila Balázs
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The utilization of acoustic cameras is getting more and more widely used for noise source identification in noise control applications. These sensors consist of a number of microphones applying beamfroming techniques. With their aim sound sources can be localized and their spatial placement can be graphically visualized. Such sensor systems are widely employed when objects in motion or with limited access or high spaciousness are investigated.

In the following thesis I deal with the implementation of such an acoustic camera and the potentials of its application in the field of architectural and room acoustics. After the working principles of beamforming I present the most common image processing algorithms for sharpening, which decrease the disturbances originated from the directional characteristics of the applied michrophone systems. This is followed by the review of the elements of the acoustic systems, I reveal the throughout build up of the acoustic camera’s firmware and I introduce the microphone system. This includes the description of the hardware used in the signal processing tasks, and considerations on tasks required by the system build up (sound and images, calibrations of the microphones). Finally, I demonstrate two minor applications of the camera, the application in room acoustics investigates the detection of reflecting surfaces, while applications in architectural acoustics could be used in soundproofing tasks.


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