Measuring Microwave Ferrites

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The circulators are necessary devices to split the direction of communication. The frequency band and the quality of operation depends on the properties of used materials. Nowadays to measure all of these properties are very difficult, too.

In my thesis I wanted to show the material property measurement techniques. I selected two methods, which I can successfully apply to measure permittivity and magnetic resonance linewidth. I choose resonant electromagnetic cavity pertur­bation method and Electron Spin Resonant Spectroscopy. These two methods demand an EM cavity resonator. The resonator is the most important element of the measurements. The first method measures the complex permittivity of dielectric materials, the second one measures the magnetic resonance linewidth of ferromagnetic materials. In the measurement methods the cavity resonator is same, because this determine the operating frequency and the parameters measured in same frequency band.

I designed a cavity for the measurement and the prototype of resonator for successful one can be said. I made permittivity measurement with dielectric materials and the result reflect to the theory.

If necessary to change magnetic resonance measurement we should only change the sample position and turn on the external magnetic field. It's easy to change in between these methods because at the designing period I paid attention to the compatibility.


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