PLC control of a microcomponent dosing system

OData support
Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the automation is crucial in modern, fast and reliable manufacturing procedures. The topic of my thesis is creating an automatic system for the Agromix Ltd. forage mixing company in Mátészalka. So far measurement of the components were done by employees but human operation had the chance of miscalculation and errors, that are not allowed in an efficently functioning factory

On the one hand the application included the installation of a microcomponent measurement system and on the other hand, its complete mechanical, electrical and automation implementation. The above-mentioned automation has been done by expanding the formerly installed PLC software. Desinging this project included learning of new communication standards due to many used peripheries. The project apart from the PLC actuation contained shaping of an HMI interface, which besides displaying of measurement processes also keeps record of production and gives access to the datas of the 12 microcomponent tanks.

The microcomponent-measuring device resulted great improvements both in production volume and precision, ensuring the continuous efficent run of the plant.


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