Microcontroller based GUI Device for IoT Applications

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

One of the reasons of using IoT devices is to provide us a more comfortable way of life. This can be reached easier with a GUI interface, which has already been available on the WEB browsers of smart devices, the screen of which use a higher resolution but the previous solution is not worth applying in all cases. There are some application types which do not require such an expensive and complicated hardware which consumes a lot of energy. Typical example for this is a thermostat placed on the wall which is likely to work properly for years and remains stable providing the existence of particular conditions.

My goal was to create a software for a GUI device connected to the Internet which can be used for displaying informations and provides a dedicated input interface for the user. Besides the software implementation another part of the work was the extension of the hardware if it is necessary. That's why I interfaced a motion sensor which controls the LCD display. As a result of it the consumed energy and the temperature of the device can be reduced because the display turns off if there is no movement in front of it.

During my work, I reviewed the opportunities of using GUI technologies in embedded systems and learned the usage of the chosen development tools connected to the board I applied for the project. I chose a suitable communication protocol in the application layer and made decisions in questions in connection with the software architecture and design. I used the platform of the FreeRTOS embedded operating system for the software of the GUI device. The definition of the GUI is placed in a configuration file stored on a server. The file is downloaded during the booting process and after that is interpreted by the GUI device. The software was tested with a themostat application and a display logging function.

At the end of my thesis I reviewed the achievements of my work and summerized the possible further improvements of the GUI device.


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