Designing a Microcontroller Based Security System

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my thesis, my task was to design a microcontroller based security system thats primary function is to protect the safety of the people and the valuables in a household.

Nowadays, mainly because of the new low power technologies that makes it easy to connect devices and the modern sensors, the old-fashioned home security systems are being replaced by complex security systems that are capable of displaying the status of the system real time and on the internet for the user.

My first task was to design the specific hardware for the system. I decided to use a centralised system architecture that has a central processing unit for controlling the system and has several wirelessly connected nodes with sensor connection thus enabling the system to monitor a whole household without hundreds of meters of wire.

After designing the hardware, the next step was to solder the components to the PCB and to verify that every part of the system works as intended. After testing this, the next task was the development of the software itself. In this project, the communication between the units, the processing of the data (including the input data by the users) and the controlling of the system are executed by the software running on the microcontrollers.

In my thesis, I created a complex hardware that runs my own software and is capable of functioning as a real security system for any household. During the work, I got experience in new technologies and improved my enginnering skills.


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