Designing of a microcontroller based intelligent clock

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Making everyday life easier, loads of advanced electronical devices are developed. These aim a target of serving more control-capability and information for users. During the designing of my intelligent clock, I found solutions to some simple household problems, and also reasons for automating.

The thesis accompany the Reader through steps of designing, beginning with circuitry explanations, then the firmware of the ambient system is also introduced. Finally, a brief instrucion manual helps to aquire handling as quicker as possible. Among the touched topics, I devote much attention to choosing the proper power supply, and detailing the input protection methods. Meaning a fundamental part, the Atmega1284p leads us into the world of a popular microcontroller family, the AVRs. Beside such functions, as fotoresistor-based light sensing, or pushbutton handling, UART and I2C bus controlled peripheries are also worth talking about. In case of the earlier mentioned, I had to solve an interesting issue of multiplexing UART channel, in order to receive dataflow from both bluetooth and USB interface. With I2C compatible integrated circuits, such roles can be coupled to the original conception, like external data storage, temperature sensation, or an FM radio combined with a digitally-controllable audio amplifier. Although, an RTC (Real Time Clock) is also installed, due to time accuracy, and reduction of CPU load as well. However, hardware side does not always mean solution, so realizing tasks only can happen with software implementation. In case of alarm, timer, thermostat, or countdown option, I acted the same way. Applying this method, we are able to „teach” new abilities without changing hardware environment, only flash memory can set limit to our imagination. In the course of shaping plans and device construction, I payed attention to make the whole design become ergonomic and smart. Some photos in the attachment may proove this statement.


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