Development of a microcontroller based multifunctional embedded measurement hardware with HMI interface

OData support
Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Before an electrical product is released to the market – especially video hardware in my case – need to take under test. The devices shall also work under normal, real life and extreme circumstances. There are several types of validation: electrical, EMC/ESD (electromagnetic compatibility/electrostatic distortion) and environmental validation. I worked with the electrical validation. There are international and national norms how to do these tests such as ISO16750 or the German role, the LV124. We can do these tests manually, but easier and faster if we automate these processes.

The engineers of Robert Bosch GmbH work on this automation. The goal is to create a modular automated electronic validation test tower (AEV2) which helps the people do the electrical validation and automate all the processes. This project contains software and hardware challenge for the engineers.

My work is about to support AEV2 project and create a HMI (human machine interface) to this measuring hardware. This HMI helps the users get fast information and data about the test status and the current conditions. I needed to design the schematic, needed to build the physical hardware and develop software for it. I needed to create specification and I had to turn these specification to ideas and solutions.


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