Sun Tracker

OData support
Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

In our days the renewable power sources is a more and more important question. One of the leading renewable power sources are the solar cells. The efficiency effectiveness is very important in this matter. In this work i try to do so with the positioning of the solar cells, because it has the highest power when the sun reached it in 90 degree. We have to count that we see the sun in different position when the time goes, so we have to adjust the solar cells position. If the sun reaches in lower degree then it hits a bigger area, so the power will be less on that place. If we take 90 degree and 30 degree the area of the 30 degree light is twice as big so the power on the same area is half s big. The goal of this project is to set the cells in 90 degree all the time.

In this project i use Arduino environment, and track the sun by date calculation. The system has two solar cells and the mover mechanics, the power and control electronics. The power of the cells monitored by the control electronic. It stores these or send to the computer.


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