Microcontroller based power electronics development

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Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The modern power supplies used today have undergone great advances over the last few years. These components are essential elements for each electronic device to operate, so they have a direct impact on the parts they use. During my dissertation, I focus on a narrower set of power supplies, namely on the so-called lab bench power supplies that are widely used in laboratory environments. Its construction is considerably more complex compared to an ordinary power supply, as it has to meet much higher expectations. The technology of these power supplies is in many aspects the same as that of the average devices, so getting to know one of them gives a knowledge that is directly applicable to the other.

During my work, I carried out a complete redesign and reconstruction of a power supply unit manufactured in 1981, step by step. In the process, I present the operation and development possibilities of the original plan. With the help of modern technology, I try to improve the unit in question as much as possible, with the intent of increasing its efficiency and output performance. Doing this while keeping a key part from the old power supply, only getting more out of it using modern electronics. In the process, I have used my knowledge and experiences gained from university studies, and also examining and repairing modern supplies.

After finishing the work, I have been left with a pretty good device, which has significantly better parameters than the baseline devices on the market. Using the benefits of modern technology, the output power of the rebuilt power supply is almost three times higher than the output power of the original power supply. This achievement demonstrates very well how much electronics have evolved over the recent years.


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