Microcontroller-based test station for arc lamps testing

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Dr. Berényi Richárd
Department of Electronics Technology

My task was to design and build a test station for arc lamps and for its driving electronics testing.

The first three chapters provide an insight into the lamps operating principle and their operation methods are presented. Later on I show the variants used in the automotive industry. I review the control requirements of the lamp to the driver electronics as well.

In the fourth chapter, I am looking for a test method for lamps and electronics testing. At the end of the chapter I summarize the testing parameter set.

Based on the parameters, the fifth chapter describes the planned test station hardware and operating software, including a LabView-based program.

In the sixth section I show the measured data of the bulbs and electronics in a table, later I evaluate and compare them. Based on the measured data, I try to set up automated testing criteria for the bulbs and electronics as well.

In the final chapter I examine the actual problems with the test station and I am investigating the opportunities for improvement.


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