Microcontroller based Data Processing Unit for Supervisory System

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Dr. Kádár István
Department of Electric Power Engineering


Design of a microcontroller data processing unit for supervisory system

Miklós Erdei

Department of Electric Power Engineering

Consultant: István Kádár, Dr.

Design assistants: Jenő Kisvölcsey, Dr., István Szabó

Year: 2010.

In my MSc thesis work I would like to present the realization of a microcontroller data processing unit, the process of putting it into operation, and the experiences. By being a system that has to fulfill individual requirements, it is no surprise that I had to deal with issues of both hardware and software design.

Hardware and software design is usually not a single step process, the result can only be reached step-by-step. The designer may often come to deadlocks that do not have a direct effect on the outcome, but are integral parts of the development process. Therefore I do not present the whole process in detail, because the thesis work would be too diverse and long. I focus on the main steps, emphasizing the most important results, not always in chronological order, but as the different steps came one by another.

The work consist of the further distinctive parts:

The first chapter includes the introduction, the detailed aim of the designed device, the block diagram, which is the result of multiple iteration, and the market survey.

The second chapter presents the circuit design of the hardware of the device. After the introduction of the components, that were used, the operational circuit is presented. Some important steps of the realization and the final design is also discussed.

The third chapter presents important details of the software design, for example algorithms are introduced that are used by the processor during the measurements.

The fourth chapter presents the examination of the results, as they are compared to the targets. As conclusion, further development needs and possibilities of the hardware and the software are discussed.


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