Microcontroller based motor control

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


This thesis deals with designing and implementing steps of an educational purpose developing equipment. The equipment is a universal motor drive suitable for drive different kinds of electric engines, to measure their electrical and electro-mechanical parameters, and to demonstrate how a drive control works.

The developing task was divided into minor parts. The first objective was to drive a three-phase synchronous engine with permanent magnetic rotor using field-oriented control. The drive electronic consists of a microcontroller card and a power electronic unit. These hardware units have been created formerly, thus the aim of present thesis is to design, implement and verify the software of the microcontroller unit.

The study summarizes the necessary theoretical knowledge, such as principles of embedded software design, drive control and field-oriented control, furthermore the build-up and working of the hardware units. Created software system plan is reviewed, the chosen software architecture, the identified software functions and the layered structure of them. The steps of implementation, the created software, the verifying methods and test results of the software and the integrated hardware-software unit are presented.


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