Development of a Microcontroller based Thermal Printer Control Unit

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Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In most shops, we can see cash-registers, because sellers have to give a receipt about each purchase. Nowadays the printing unit of cash-registers is often made separately. This way, it can be used not only with a simple numeric keyboard, but can be connect to a computer, and used with more complex software.

My thesis is to design and build a control circuit for a separated printing unit for Conet Ltd. The printer is a thermal printer of the specific type: Seiko LTPF347.

My tasks started with soldering, testing and firmware development of a previous version of the circuit. During the process, some design mistakes and malfunctions have been discovered, and new requirements have arisen in the meantime, so I started to design a new circuit.

I have designed the schematic and the PCB as well. The firmware of the previous version is written in such way that it can be easily adapted to the new circuit. However, because of delays in the printed circuit production and acquisition of parts, the newly designed hardware could not be assembled and tested before the submission deadline of this thesis.

At the end of the thesis conclusions are drawn and some options for future work are suggested.


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