Alarm system construction with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My task was to design a microcontroller-based alarm system that consists of a central and a remote unit. The remote unit had to be equipped with a sensor, while the central unit had to include the user interface and had to be able to connect to the PC via USB. To represent this, the development of a desktop application was part of the task.

In my thesis I outlined the history of security and property protection systems, also I talked about the types of electronic sensors then I reviewed the alarm systems, that are currently available on the market.

During the implementation, I described the aspects of choosing the components required for the solution, I presented the steps of the circuit design and introduced the finished hardvare. I discussed the implementation and the assembly of my ATMEGA32 microcontroller-based system. Next, I went through the steps of programming the firmware, explaining the set of functions and libraries essential to control each peripheral.

After that, I introduced the development of the desktop application. Finally, I summarized the experience gained during the implementation of the project and I also mentioned my thoughts about the possibilities of further upgrades of the system.


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